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How do I differentiate from other advertisers freelancers? agencies?

In a rapidly growing market like online marketing, it’s easy to find advertisers who run campaigns on your behalf.

My team and I aim to become your partner, one that truly cares about the sustainability of your business.

In every project we always draw up a little business plan where we analyze how your business can sustainably grow by investing with us, by examining margins and other company KPIs.

Some Achievements

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Case Studies


Yuool is an Italian-Brazilian company that sells sneakers and slippers made of natural fiber and merino wool. This case study shows how we launched a new product range (slippers)


Global Launch MER


Total Launch Revenue


ByArianna is a Pokemon-inspired art business that operates in the top TOP 5 English-speaking countries.


Revenue generated in Q4


New Customers Acquired


Learnn aims to digitize Italy, democratizing digital learning and accelerating the growth of people, ideas and companies.


Number of subscribers since launch


Recurring Turnover Generated (MRR)


Elisir D is one of the most important companies in Italy in the field of supplements and Vitamin D. With my team we manage all the media buying and growth.


Revenue Generated by Adv


CPA Reduction in 6 Months


Hemmet® is an e-commerce brand that sells fashion accessories inspired by the rock scene. With my team we take care of all media buying and growth activities.
Here the case study during Black Friday.


Black Friday sales increase YOY


ROAS Increase in Black Friday YOY


Meeters is Italy’s largest community of shared experiences bond by a passion for traveling and meeting new people. I managed all advertising and growth activities in 2019.


New Members In 6 Months


Revenue Generated In 6 Months

Marco is a great professional: meticulous, proactive, and always with a positive attitude. It helped us a lot to grow our e-commerce and develop the whole business. I cannot fail to mention what is one of his greatest strengths: the enthusiasm! He pushes you to give your best as if the company were his own. Excellent!

Fabrizio Giornet

Co-Founder ByArianna

I can only confirm their professionalism and skills! Results, when dealing with a startup, are not always immediate and most importantly the recipe is never given, but they are constantly experimenting with alternative strategies, where all hypothesis are always supported by data. We are very pleased with how we have worked together so far and hope to go on for a long time to come!

Alessandra Aglietta

Co-founder Yuool

Marco has brought steady growth to the company through his performance marketing campaigns on Facebook. CPA management and scaling are also excellent.

Edoardo Colombo

CEO and Founder ElisirD

The strategy adopted by Marco enabled us to achieve half a million in sales in the 1st year and to attract investors who are now supporting the investments needed for the business to scale. Without the margin from that business, we would not have been able to hire the people who enabled us to scale the business in the beginning stage when we had to bootstrap the business.

Claudio Perlini

Co-Founder Meeters

I worked with Marco on several projects with excellent outcomes and have always appreciated his ability to see 360° in marketing and communication, regardless of the tools. Curious, meticulous, data-driven and performance-obsessed: exactly the soft skills you need; as well as great technical knowledge, to get things running right. Recommended.

Valerio Celletti

Google Ads Specialist, Keynote Speaker

In such a rapidly evolving sector I was looking for someone much more skilled than myself. Marco was the figure I was looking for: serious, professional, punctual. I consider myself lucky in being able to collaborate with him. The results have grown significantly, and we have found ourselves investing more and more in something we are confident is the best way to grow. I recommend Marco to everyone with a prepared company who wants to increase their results.

Federico Finotto

CMO & Co-Founder - SurfWeek

But.. Who am I?

I was only 7 years old when I spent my mornings on vacation trying to sell lemonade to my neighbors and video games to my classmates.

Then, I discovered Online Advertising. I was immediately attracted by the possibility it gave if used correctly: to give the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Today I work full-time as a media buyer/advertising manger for e-commerce and high-potential growth companies.

I am part of a private group of Top Spending Advertisers which allows me to learn all the latest strategies before the competition and apply them to the market and the brand I work with.

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Brand Positioning

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Scaling capabilities

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